How to be an awesome camping buddy. TIP #3

How to be an awesome camping buddy. How a well timed nod sometimes would means the same as a cheer.
Last post I wrote about the magic ratio between positive and negative feedback in a working team. As an addition to this post i wanted to talk about what positive feedback might look like in different settings. 
There are huge differences between what a positive statement is depending on where you are and what people you are with. A statement that would be positive in one setting can be negative in a different setting. For example, if I go over to Maria and said "wow, you're so great at building fire" she'd take that as praise. However, if a guy in his sixties told his hiking buddy "wow, Arne, you're so great a building a fire" it might come through an insult. 
At the same time a guy might give his friend a well timed gruff when finishing a job, meaning the highest of praise. If I were to give one of my girlfriends the same appreciation I would have to throw then up in the air and yell. 
We always need to adjust the positive feedback to the setting we're in. For some that might be saying "good job", for others it might just be a friendly nod or a appreciative look. Whatever positive communication looks like among your friends, just make sure you give it six times as often as you say something negative.