How to be an awesome camping buddy. TIP #2

How to be an awesome camping buddy; what you need to remember when you give negative feedback. 
Background: Since I work as a clinical psychologist I wanted to share a few tips, tricks and fun facts from my field, hoping that it can be helpful for all the campers following me. Two weeks ago, I wrote a series on how to deal with anxiety. This time I`ll make a series on how to be an awesome camping buddy. 
Hiking and camping, especially in difficult circumstances, are challenging and it requires all participants to give they`re best. There`s bound to be some disagreements that needs to be solved along the way. This means we`ll have to give each other negative feedback, but how do we do this without damaging the team?
Research shows that negative feedback is important and crucial for a team, but to be effective it needs to be outweighed by positive feedback. The magic ratio between positive and negative feedback is six to one. That means we need to give six positive feedbacks per negative feedback. 
This is an important number to keep in mind, especially if you`re in a situation where you`ll have to give a lot of negative or corrective feedback. This means you`ll have to look for good stuff to point out, and concentrate on being more positive than negative. It`s a good idea to make a habit of always looking for the positive and express it when it happens, to make sure the team rests on a solid foundation when the difficult days come.