Tips on overcoming fear of camping alone 🔥⛺. TIP #1

Tips on overcoming fear of camping alone 🔥⛺. Tip number one: how to mentally prepare your self for doing something you're nervous about. 
Often if we're nervous about something, we think a lot about everything that can go wrong. For example I had a bad habit of imagining how afraid I'd be when I was lying in my tent alone. The problem is that our feelings has a hard time distinguishing between reality and fantasy. They usually goes all-in on our imagination making us even more anxious than we were to begin with. It's almost like our mind thinks the bad stuff really happened ➡The good news is that we can use this knowledge to our advantage. If a fantasy can make you really anxious about something it can also make us feel really good about something. Making us more likely to do it. 
So what you do is that you first acknowledge the worst case scenario in you mind. It's just your mind trying to prepare you so don't beat your self up about it. Acknowledge it and then leave it alone. Then make a mental movie about how your first alone-trip would go if it went really well. Think through the whole thing: how good you feel when you get to the campsite, how great you are at pitching your tent, how nice and calm you feel when you're in front of the fire, how you're able to hear strage noises without panicking, how you calm your self down when you're stressed and so on. Make sure you imagine this with colors and feelings, make it as vivid as you can. Repeat this fantasy as often as you can. 
One big tip on this is to imagine this right before you fall asleep. That's usually a time when your mind is calm and impressionable. As a end note, I'll say that this is a technique who works really well for some people whilst others has no effect of it. If it doesn't just leave it alone or try something else.