Tips on overcoming fear of camping alone⛺🔥. TIP #2

Tips on overcoming fear of camping alone⛺🔥. Tip number 2: gain control of your thoughts. 
When we end up sitting out in the forest being absolutely overwhelmed with thoughts of Blair Witch Project it's usually because we had a feeling who triggered thoughts and then the thoughts escalated. So fear is a feeling and feelings you can't really control or keep down (or you can, but I'll write about that later 🙈). However, the problem with fear is that often makes us think scary thoughts which againg makes us more anxious. 
Let me give you one example: I get nervous when it's dark. Then I start imagining all the dangerous things that can be out there. This thought makes me even more anxious causing me to think about the IT trailer I saw the other day (stupid enough). At this point I'll start imagine how IT is hanging out in the forest plotting to kill me, which (as anyone who's seen that trailer understands) makes me want to pack up my tent and go home. 
So what we want is to stop this escalation of thoughts, so how do we do that?
1. Accept they thoughts are there, but know that your thoughts are just thoughts, not thruths. This might seem obvious, but trying to hold a thought down usually makes it worse so accept is key. 
2. Find alternative thoughts. What could be out there in the forest? A squirrel for example? Write a list. 
3. Look at your list of less scary things that might be out in the forest, ask your self what is most likely to be out there: IT or a squirrel? 
4. Distract your self, listen to a good podcast, listen to nice music, watch netflix (we're not trying to find peace here, we're trying to survive a night alone without dying from fear) 

Ok, so this was a few quick tips on stopping the thought grinder. You might still be anxious, but you won't let the thoughts own you.