Grief and vunerability

After writing about my broken heart earlier this week, I wanted to write a post about grief and the magic of grief. The reason I wanted to write about this is because grief is a very misunderstood thing in our society. It`s like we perceive grief as this annoying thing that makes our noses run and our moods go bad at the same time as the stuff we`re sad about still stays sad (useless right?).

The thing with grief is that it`s the key to heal after a loss. Grief is a feeling that tells you that what just slipped away, was of deep meaning to you. It tells you what is important for you in a relationship. If we let the grief come and be felt instead of fighting it, it passes over time and lets us grow and learn from it. It`s the same as getting caught in a huge wave, if you stop fighting and let go the stream will take you safe over to the other side.

Another thing with grief and venerability is that it connects people. When we share the grief with someone, the feeling echoes in the other person. That is; looking at another person that has grief actually activates the same feeling in us. It`s like a distant echo that lets us understand a bit of that other persons pain. This process is the base of empathy and understanding between us and it`s a pretty magic process when you start noticing it.

I know reading this won`t be helpful for all you people who are in mourning when reading this. Loosing someone you love is very painful. The purpose of this post is to say that grief is ok, and that it`s helpful to have greater acceptance and understanding of this both in our selves and in others.