How you can avoid muscle pain by feeling your feelings 1/3

Earlier I`ve written a series on ow holding down your emotions can make you sick. These posts are on my blog and it can be a good idea to look them in order to understand the next following posts. How to avoid getting back pains by spending two minutes on feeling your feelings

This time I`ll write a bit more detailed about how holding down emotions can create muscle tension. 
Having an inner process where emotions are being held down with anxiety can create muscle tension. This can again produce a lot of unpleasant symptoms like muscle soreness, tense muscles, tension headache, severe chest pain and panic attacks.

Have you ever been in an emotional situation and suddenly felt really tense and anxious? This is an example of how anxiety (muscle tension) is covering up the physical activation of your feelings. 
This process moves so fast it`s almost impossible the feel the feeling in between (I mean, it`s the anxiety system, we all know this is an efficient worker). Because of this, people feel the muscle tension, not the feeling that triggered the tension.

Having a process like this can be very uncomfortable, both because it`s unpleasant to get tense and because the constant tension can lead to a lot of other symptoms like tension headache, chest pains, panic attacks and so on.

In the following posts I'll first talk a bit about what emotions are and why anxiety can be triggered when emotions are activated. After that I'll write about how you can fix this problem. 

And I`m closing up with an important note; I'm talking about medically unexplained symptoms here. If you're experiencing physical symptoms you should always have them checked out by a doctor.