How you can avoid muscle pain by feeling your feelings 3/3

How to avoid muscle pain by feeling your emotions, a blog post on how feeling your feelings can make you healthier. 

This is the third part in a series about how you can better your health by feeling your emotions. The last two pieces were on what feelings are and why some people have an anxiety reaction when feelings are activated. This post will be on how to fix it. 

So a short summary: Having a inner process where emotions are being held down with anxiety can create muscle tension (or other anxiety reactions). This can again produce a lot of unpleasant symptoms like muscle soreness, tense muscles, tension headache, severe chest pain and panic attacks. 

The way to get rid of this muscle tension is to focus on the feeling underneath. When you notice you get tense from an emotionally loaded situation, try to identify what feelings were triggered and focus on the physical experience of these emotions. If anger was activated, focus on the anger energy, if sadness was the trigger, then let your self feel the grief, if you felt happy, let your self enjoy that good, calm energy. 

When you focus on the underlying feeling, the tension should go away. You`ve probably already experienced this process without thinking about it. For example: have you ever felt relaxed when allowing your self to cry? This could be caused by the anxiety drop you get from feeling the feeling. Often this drop in muscle tension is very acute and you can feel the tension letting go the same moment you name a feeling or allow the energy to be there. 

This can however be a difficult exercise for some people, especially those who are not used to feeling their feeling. Another thing that can be problematic is if the feelings are very painful, difficult to understand or overwhelming. In those cases I recommend to see a psychologist working with intensive short term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) or emotion focused therapy.