How you can get rid of stomach problems by getting to know your feelings. Part 3.

How you can get rid of stomach problems by getting to know your feelings. A series on how holding your emotions down can afftect your health.

This is the third post in a series about how holding your feelings down can give stomach problems. The first post was about what emotions are and what it looks like when holding emotions down causes stomach problems. This post is on how to deal with it.

And before you cancel all your trips to the doctor: When I`m saying symptoms I`m talking about medically unexplained symptoms, that means symptoms without a medical cause. If you`re experiencing physical symptoms, you should always have them checked out by a doctor first.

Back to the subject: Usually I write about the importance of feeling your feelings in these posts. However, in this case it`s a bit more complicated, because focusing on the feelings can cause two outcomes.

One is that the feeling breaks through the anxiety, the stomach problems disappear, and the feeling gets felt. The other option is that focusing on the feeling actually makes the stomach problems worse. I`ll illustrate these two options with an example:

Lets say Robert get in an argument with his girlfriend. After the quarrel he feels nausea and has an upset stomach. In this case it`s his feelings that gets held down with anxiety (nausea, upset stomach).

Option one: Robert sits down and tries to physically feel his feelings. He suddenly feels really angry and at the same time the nausea goes away. In this example his feelings “override” the anxiety, the feeling gets felt and the anxiety goes away.

Option two: Robert sits down and tries to physically feel his feelings, but the more he focuses on the situation the more nausea and stomach upset he feels. In this example the anxiety is too high for the emotion to override it and we need other options to deal with the problem. I`ll get back to techniques to work this out in my next post.

This is an explanation that feels right for a lot of people. However, it`s not the only reason people will have stomach problems and it`s not the only solution for this problem. If this can be helpful for you, feel free to use it, if it`s not just leave it and follow whatever feels right for you. Thanks for reading!