World suicide prevention day, a few words on what mental problems really are.

Since it`s world suicide prevention day, I`m going to take a break in the Anarjohka posts and write a little about how to understand mental disorders.


➡️A lot of people don`t want to be open about things they struggle with. Some won`t admit that painful experiences have had an impact on them because they do not want to be a victim, others feel that having personal problems means that there is something wrong with them, that they aren`t good enough or that it is shameful.


➡️Such thoughts prevent people from seeking help or even talking to others about their problems. This isolation are one of the things that can lead to suicide.


➡️ Fact is that symptoms often are coping strategies. When I say symptoms, mean things like anxiety, muscle tension, depression, negative thoughts, flashbacks, hopelessness, etc.


➡️ Symptoms are often survival strategies from earlier in life. For example, getting anxious and tense is a way to unconsciously hold emotions down. Many people develop such reactions when they`re in painful situations they can`t control, for example when bullied in school. When people can`t get away from what is bothering them, they tend to control the only thing they have power of: they`re own reaction. So a lot of people will unconciously hold their own emotions down in order to avoid feeling the pain all the time. This is a way of mastering the situation.


➡️The problem starts when people get out of the bad situation, but still has the habit of holding emotions down with anxiety. This in turn can lead to mental issues. However, in principle, this process is no different than having a bad running technique because your old trainer wasn`t good. Talking to a psychologist (or friend for that matter) is the same as asking a coach to help you figure out what you're doing wrong and fix it.


➡️ My point when wiriting this is that mental issues often are coping strategies applied in wrong cicumstances. Everyone will have problems like this from time to time, the problems grow really big when we let ourselves be alone with them. Let's all have an empathetic eye on their own coping strategies and be there for the people around us when needed.